Summer Reading

Jul 01, 2002

Students or executives interested in entering the pharma marketing arena-or pros looking to brush up on basics-can get some industry insight and practical advice by checking out two recently published books.

Barrie James, PhD, former industry executive turned consultant, authored The Little Black Book of Pharma Marketing. He says executives must understand marketing fundamentals because marketing, not R&D, is the industry's product driver.

"You can't build your operation on sand," says James, who worked in the industry for 40 years. "Executives must grasp fundamentals, and then they can incorporate other initiatives such as customer relationship management and e-technology. Because the business has been so successful, people in the industry are not really looking at the basics. Many executives believe that, if you have a new product, you have no problems. But companies aren't developing new products the way they used to, and the problems are becoming very apparent."

Pharmaceutical Marketing: Principles, Environment, and Practice, written by Mickey Smith, E.M. Kolassa, Greg Perkins, and Bruce Siecker, also hinges its premise on fundamentals, organizing itself around the traditional "four Ps of marketing"-product, price, place, and promotion-with various specialists authoring each section. The book also discusses complex issues such as clinical development, launch project management skills, and trends concerning price and DTC promotion.

To purchase The Little Black Book of Pharma Marketing, place your order to [email protected] or fax Mary Alleyne at 011 44 1480 435 614. To order Pharmaceutical Marketing: Principles, Environment, and Practice, call Jessica Britton at 607-722-5857, ext. 375.

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