Take a Chill Pill

Aug 01, 2013

The "tawny streaks and shades" of summer sunlight, as Walt Whitman put it, have a mellowing effect; leisurely hours spent in scenic locales, on vacation or just out on the weekend, provide an opportunity for unhurried thought and easy reflection ("heat dome" notwithstanding). In the spirit of lawn chair cogitation and hammock-spun reverie, Pharm Exec invites you to submit your own verses—pharma-related, of course—to be published on our website in late August. Send those jottings from the post-conference tarmac, the hotel bar, or the family vacation to
, if you are so inclined. Our pseudonymous colleague Stix Daley has contributed one of his recent scribblings to kick things off. Summer will be gone soon, so take it slow while you can, and enjoy.

Pharmacopoetics by Stix Daley
Longitudinal studies on red meat with clever endpoints.
Freedom to choose cigarettes and their adverse events.
By QALY, I develop the best immunity
I mean by golly.

Policy and people need most to expire—
in their due time of course.
Meantime I’ve mislaid the data
that I
well I guess that I
ought to report.

Fee-for-service reimagined as
Hippocratical aphorism.
A cunning caduceus loosed
in the waiting room.
To Asclepius’s chagrin.
Even our immune systems are uniting
in mutiny

Coffee cup copays a fair market value
or just an encephalographic
image problem.
Commodities traders and doctors
know better.
Or regular Tories.

I mean no better.

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