Then . . . and Now

Sep 01, 2002

Just a year shy of its 120th birthday, Dorland Global Health Communications is returning to its roots. As both the original and new name of the company, Dorland is contemporary yet sustains the agency's heritage, according to Rita Sweeney, president and COO.

One of the largest indepen-dent agencies, the company has changed dramatically since its 1883 founding. The 1913 vintage advertisement, right, features three original Dorland offices in Atlantic City, New York, and London. Back then, the agency worked on consumer product marketing with early advertisers such as Kellogg's and Gillette. Today, Dorland is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with another office in San Francisco, California, and aligned under the business units Dorland Pharma, Dorland Public Relations, and Dorland Solutions. The company focuses exclusively on healthcare, with pharma, biotech, and device and diagnostics clients. Employees pose in the lobby of Dorland headquarters, left, to celebrate the recent unveiling of the new name and logo.

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