Apr 01, 2005
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

Cover Story HBA Woman of the Year

Patrick Clinton

At the helm of a billion-dollar communcations firm, Lynn O'Connor Vos wants to improve the reputation of pharma—and its marketers—for the sake of tomorrow's business leaders.

Features Deal Making

Keys to Success

Michael Curran-Hays and Martin Wing

The playing field has leveled when it comes to pharma and biotech companies teaming up to develop or market products, making joint efforts an increasingly popular strategy.


Risky Business

Anthony Farino and Timothy Nugent

John T. Bentivoglio and John Shakow
King & Spalding

Every quarter, pharma manufacturers are faced with the high-stakes—and confusing—process of price reporting.


Patent Attack

Gregory Glass
Gregory Glass Associates

A rise in the number of challenges by generic manufacturers to brand name drug patents is complicating the way pharma manages its products.


Pharma in the News

Stephen J. Porth and George P. Sillup
St. Joseph's University

Maybe the industry isn't paranoid after all. When it comes to ethical issues, pharma generates a lot of negative ink.

Stem Cells

Unleashing the Promise

Nicole Gray
Contributing Writer

Amid political and ethical contentions over stem cell research, several companies are moving full steam ahead on bringing stem cell-based therapeutics to market.

News & Analysis Leading Indicators


Insurance companies waste no time sponsoring prescription drug plans » PhRMA's on a quest to win patients over » India's new patent law grants 20-year monopolies » FDA faces pressure to develop guidances for testing generic biotech therapies.


Public trust in FDA wanes post-Vioxx » PharmD's more popular than ever » Outsourcing soars.

Thought Leaders

Dr. Jerry Avorn, Harvard medical professor, thinks science—not marketing—should drive pharma.

Washington Report

A new approach to drug safety is needed at FDA. The agency says it can handle the problem internally—but critics are skeptical.

Jill Wechsler

Global Report

Novartis' recent acquisition of a German generics manufacturer could mean a shift in power for the top spot in generic drug making.

Sarah Houlton


Status quo definitions of productivity no longer cut it. Leaders today are charged with fostering offices that stimulate creative thought, and inspire innovation.

Sander A. Flaum
Flaum Partners

Strategy & Tactics Direct to Consumer

Last year, Pfizer got warned about not including risk information in its reminder ads for Viagra. Are these ads worth the risk for pharma companies—and consumers?

Amy Tobbagi
Contributing Writer

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