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Jul 01, 2005
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors

What Pharma Wants From IT Today Ellen Julian
Life Science Insights

See results from the 2005 Pharmaceutical Executive/Life Science Insights Information Technology Survey.

Research Informatics Rules

MaryJo Zaborowski, Juergen Hammer, and Gloria Lawler

Roche's Global Research Informatics organization, formed to facilitate data sharing, is helping to put the company's global network of scientists on the same page.

Compliance The Source of Truth

Patrick Clinton

IT solutions for ensuring compliance are top of mind for pharma execs—and the technology vendors that supply them.

Case Study In Search of the Holy Grail

Rob Case
Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals

Data integration is improving overall clinical trials management, but quantifying ROI remains a ways off.

Outsourcing Shedding Wings

In this Q&A, Pharm Exec talks to John Hagel about his latest book, and about why he thinks outsourcing decisions should be driven by quality improvement—not cost reduction.

News & AnalysisLeading Indicators News

GSK's new facility to focus on external drug discovery programs » Medsite's new partnership with Yahoo! » Legislators support FDA's authority to make post-marketing labeling changes. » Tension heightens between PBMs and pharmacists.


Compliance especially important for diabetics » Trust in online health information on the rise.

Thought Leaders

At the helm of Sirius Laboratories, Garry Barnes preaches specialty sales force excellence.

Washington Report

The e-precribing bandwagon is filling up fast.
Jill Wechsler

Global Report

Industry and pharmaceutical wholesalers are both holding out for a ruling on parallel trade in Europe—just not the same one.
Sarah Houlton


Leaders today must do more than just keep ahead of trends—they must set them.
Sander A. Flaum
Flaum Partners

Legal Forum

If you provide misleading information and an investor loses, are you to blame?
Pamela Palmer and Jeff Hammel
Latham & Watkins

Strategy & TacticsDirect to Consumer

To regain trust, pharma must invest further in connecting corporate brands more directly with product brands.

Ken Dec

Marketing to Professionals

The government plans to link clinical trial evidence with real-world drug applications, says one member of the Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee.

Bryan Luce
United BioSource Corporation

Alternative Media

Perks are in store for pharma companies that jump on the expanding medium of health information portals.

Debrianna Obara
Avenue A/Razorfish

Sales Management

Incentive management helped Wyeth align its reps' rewards with sales strategies after undergoing a merger.

Mark Stiffler

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