Topin & Associates for Dusa's ClindaReach

Mar 01, 2009


Topin & Associates
BRAND ClindaReach CLIENT Dusa Pharmaceuticals FROM LEFT: John Diaz, vice president, creative director; Michelle Rigot, copywriter

ClindaReach, from Dusa Pharmaceuticals, offers a simple and practical solution for patients with acne in hard-to-reach places: ClindaReach, an application wand.

Dermatologists are used to seeing ads featuring before-and-after photographs of smiling patients. But Dusa asked Topin to push the envelope. "The product is unique, so the client wanted to see something that was really different from other products and ads," says John Diaz, vice president, creative director.

Topin & Associates was charged with creating the launch campaign for the drug and demonstrating—in a simple iconic image—the benefit. But they also added a little humor with an interactive element. The creative produced by the agency first illustrated the hard-to-reach in an amusing way, and then let the audience reveal the ClindaReach solution by lifting a flap on the ad.

According to Diaz, the lighthearted depiction of the problem and visualization of the solution really connected with dermatologists, and created an extremely positive response.

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