Unlocking the Patient Voice: How Digital Technology Can Facilitate Effective Patient Data Capture in Real-World Data Programs

Jul 12, 2017

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Patient generated Real-World Data (RWD) is playing an increasingly important role in informing key healthcare decisions. Despite this, pharmaceutical companies have been slow to adopt patient-focused RWD programs, due in part to the challenges associated with capturing patient generated RWD. In this webcast, we will discuss the role of digital technology in RWD programs and how it can reduce the burden of running such programs, both on program sponsors and on patients themselves. Specifically, the webcast will: 

  • Discuss the importance of collecting humanistic outcomes in RWE
  • Highlight why RWD research programs are increasingly being used
  • Share real-world case studies demonstrating how technology can be used to support patient data capture across observational, pragmatic and commercial programs



Gary Coward, Chief Operating Officer, Synigence Research Ltd

Gavin Birchnall, Solutions Consultant, ERT


Date and Time: Wednesday, 12 July 2017 | 10:00 am EDT | 9:00 am CDT | 1500 BST | 1600 CEST / On Demand available after airing until 12 July 2018.

After the final airing of the webcast 12 July 2017 it will be available on demand until 12 July 2018. 

Register Free: http://www.pharmexec.com/pe_w/voice

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