What's the best managed pharma company? Find out in the Industry Audit and Company of the Year Podcast

Oct 21, 2009
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
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What’s the best managed pharma company? Each year, Professor Bill Trombetta of Saint Joseph’s University attempts to answer the question in Pharm Exec’s “Industry Audit,” applying a battery of traditional and applied metrics to a diverse range of publicly held biotech and big pharma companies.

In addition to his article in the September issue of Pharm Exec, Trombetta agreed to sit down with editor in chief William Looney for a conversation on the elements of good management and how the 27 surveyed companies fared in rankings from top to bottom.
guest Professor Bill Trombetta, of Saint Joseph’s University discusses his annual Industry Audit.
Podcast #1 (10:51)
If you want a truly useful way of understanding how well a company performs against its peers, you have to look beyond the basics of revenue, profit margins and price earnings ratio to incorporate broader measures like return on assets. In this episode, Bill Trombetta explains changes in key evaluation metrics for this year’s survey as well as the implications of adding 11 new companies to the list, making it reflective of the emergence of generics, biotech and specialty firms as key competitors to traditional big pharma.
Podcast #2 (12:48)
Recession and growing public deficits have cast a long shadow on industry growth prospects, with the severity of the downturn largely unanticipated in the company planning process last year. In this episode, Professor Trombetta gives a frank assessment of factors that are transforming the commercial and policy environment in the biopharm sector. Will the industry remain resilient in the wake of the worst global recession of the post-war era?
Podcast #3 (25:55)
Good management is a mainstay for success regardless of whether a company is big or small. In this episode, Trombetta describes his metrics-driven approach to evaluating internal management strategies and highlights best practices from individual companies.
Podcast #4 (18:38)
Professor Trombetta tackles the question of whether size and scale matter as a predictor of shareholder value – his answer is management drives results, regardless of the company being big or small. He also profiles the attributes that made Gilead Sciences the winner of this year’s poll, and how Biogen/Idec slipped from first to third place.
Podcast #5 (22:00)
In this final episode, Trombetta reviews the business strategy of the survey runner up, Genentech and how the integration with Roche may impact the success of this perennial favorite in the survey. We end with a fairly optimistic view that big pharma is far from down on the count – its cash hoard and considerable human assets will continue to help it move forward agains the competitive threat of smaller, nimble and more focused “stealth” pharmas.
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