Wishbone for Barrier Thearpeutic's Vusion

Mar 01, 2009


BRAND Vusion CLIENT Barrier Therapeutics FROM LEFT: Renee Mellas, partner, general manager; Scott Sager, senior vice president, creative director; Steve Hamburg, partner, chief creative officer

It's not unusual for creative teams to ask actors to work up on-screen tears. But when you go from crying actors to crying babies, it makes all the difference. That crying baby formed the basis of the print and television campaign Wishbone created for Barrier Therapeutics' anti-fungal pediatric ointment Vusion. "It's wired into parents as an incentive to action," says Steve Hamburg, partner/chief creative officer. "These are things that get parents' attention almost genetically."

The accompanying creative keeps consistent with the esthetic of "baby-ness." "It's time for a change" was used as a pun on the double meaning of the dirty diaper and the therapy.

Hamburg says that the DTC spot was so effective that it produced a dramatic increase in prescriptions for the drug.

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