Pharmaceutical Company: Incyte Corporation

Agency: Scientific Global Communications

Campaign Name: Crack the JAK

Cardiovascular - Disease Education/Awarness


Pharmaceutical Company: Bristol Myers Squibb & Pfizer

Agency: Heartbeat

Campaign Name: No Time to Wait

Central Nervous System - Branded (FDA Regulated)


Pharmaceutical Company: Supernus Pharmaceuticals

Agency: CultHealth

Campaign Name: APOKYN Unfreeze

Devices - Branded (FDA Regulated)


Pharmaceutical Company:

Agency: CrowdPharm

Campaign Name: Viz Cardio Suite

Devices - Disease Education/Awarness


Pharmaceutical Company: Metame Health

Agency: The Agncy Network at MJH LifeSciences

Campaign Name: Metame

Direct-to-Consumer - Branded (FDA Regulated)


Pharmaceutical Company: GSK

Agency: Publics

Campaign Name: Getting Out of the Rough

Direct-to-Consumer - Disease Awareness/Education (Unregulated)


Pharmaceutical Company: CISCRP

Agency: Praxis

Campaign Name: The Importance of Diversity in Clinical Trials - Video

Description: Each issue of Healthful Livingoffers patients high-end, condition-specific content in an approachable and entertaining way with a modern flair.

Hematology - Branded (FDA Regulated)


Pharmaceutical Company: Takeda

Agency: McCann

Campaign Name: VONVENDI® Prophylactivists Stand Up to Von Willebrand Disease

Immunology - Disease Education/Awarness


Pharmaceutical Company: UCB, Inc

Agency: Scientific Global Communications

Campaign Name: Building a Best-in-Class Congress Display

Metabolic - Branded (FDA Regulated)


Pharmaceutical Company: Bayer Pharmaceutical

Agency: Hill Holliday Health, an IPG Health Company

Campaign Name: The ABCs of CKD

Metabolic - Disease Education/Awareness


Pharmaceutical Company: Novo Nordisk

Agency: CultHealth

Campaign Name: GetRealAboutDiabetes with Anthony Anderson

Oncology - Branded (FDA Regulated


Pharmaceutical Company: Coherus Biosciences

Agency: Confideo

Campaign Name: UDENYCA Interactive 3D Augmented Reality Presentation of Device Setup and Use

Oncology - Disease Education/Awareness


Pharmaceutical Company: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Agency: Biolumina

Campaign Name: Mind the Gap

Ophthalmology - Branded (FDA Regulated)


Pharmaceutical Company: Thea Pharma Inc.

Agency: Elevate Healthcare

Campaign Name: Covering the Spectrum of Dry Eye Relief

Ophthalmology - Disease Edcuation/Awareness


Pharmaceutical Company: Tarsus Pharmaceuticals

Agency: Heller Agency

Campaign Name: Don't Freak Out. Get Checked Out.

Rare Disease - Branded (FDA Regulated)


Pharmaceutical Company: Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Agency: ConcentricLife

Campaign Name: Elephant in the Room

Rare Disease - Disease Education/Awareness


Pharmaceutical Company: Travere Therapeutics

Agency: Fishawack Health

Campaign Name: NAVIgATE IgAN

Women's Health - Branded(FDA Regulated


Pharmaceutical Company: Agile Therapeutics

Agency: HeartBeat

Campaign Name: Twirla 'Patch & Play' TV Spot

Women's Health -Disease Education/Awareness


Pharmaceutical Company: GSK

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Campaign Name: Red Dab? Red Flag