A real team player

July 1, 2003

Pharmaceutical Representative

Team success is important to rep.

Allie Oswald has spent just over a year at East Hanover, NJ-based Novartis Pharmaceuticals (he previously promoted Novartis products with a contract sales organization), and has already achieved considerable success, winning the President's and International Sales Excellence awards for 2002. But Oswald isn't interested in tooting his own horn – he'd rather talk about his team: "I have a background in athletics, and teamwork has always been part of my life. Being part of a team that is always striving to get better is something that allows me to get out of bed in the morning and hit the streets running."

For Oswald, good relationships with co-workers are crucial to standing out in a sales environment where competition is fierce and there are more reps than ever. "Our industry is changing – as always – and we're working more in teams now," he said. "Being able to get along with everyone and making sure that our relationships are all firm and strong helps me and everyone around me."

Fortunately, relationship building comes naturally to Oswald, who focuses on honesty, integrity, sincerity and just getting along with everyone. "I'm in it to build long-term relationships, whether with a physician, a teammate or someone I first meet. You never know when you might run into that person again."

A big part of fostering a standout team is making the most of one another's strengths – for example, members of Oswald's team employ their various selling styles to help each other tailor their sales presentations to particular physician personalities in their territory. "We're all different, but we've all learned to work with each other, and use each other's specific talents that set us apart to better us as a team."

Oswald's gratitude to his team isn't just lip service. When his wife was unable to join him on an award trip to Puerto Rico recently, he brought someone he thought deserved to share in his success: one of his territory counterparts. Said Oswald, "There's no way that I could have achieved what I achieved on my own."

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