Mar 03, 2016
Clinical trials are challenging because pain is subjective, making it hard to define objective endpoints or to compare one drug to another.
Jan 28, 2016
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Harvard Business School has launched a competition to generate ideas to bring precision diagnostics and therapies to market more quickly by reinventing the clinical trials process.
Nov 17, 2015
Large pharma companies have fallen “below legal and ethical standards” for making public information from the relevant clinical trials, according to a report from Bioethics International.
Oct 28, 2015
From Applied Clinical Trials
With one approved biosimilar under its belt, and dozens more under review and in development, FDA’s biosimilar development program is moving “beyond the finish line”. But agency officials still have much to do to address critical issues related to product analysis and testing.
Sep 29, 2015
Pharmaceutical Executive
The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) is advocating a “systems thinking” approach in efforts to meet increasing demands to standardize and integrate support for trial sites. Casey McDonald reports.
Sep 21, 2015
Relationship-centric technology presents a sizable emerging opportunity for sponsors to improve the performance of clinical development, writes Tom O'Leary.
Jul 09, 2015
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
July 9, 2015.
Jun 23, 2015
Pharmaceutical Executive
Drug development has never before been so difficult, time consuming and expensive. Accuracy in clinical trials, therefore, is a priority
May 19, 2015
Pharmaceutical Executive
Why executives should make the US R&D tax credit part of their planning discussions.
Feb 25, 2013
Kenneth Getz of the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development looks at leveraging pharmacists as a channel to raise clinical research literacy among patient communities.
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