Pharm Exec’s Pharma Top 50 in Brief

Jul 02, 2014

The vigorous return of M&A activity this year brings us back to the question: is more size and scalable efficiencies the best solution to the declining market power of pharmaceuticals in an endlessly restructuring healthcare system? Anecdotal evidence combined with some discomfiting statistics on pipeline productivity of the past 15 years suggests that the answer is no—and the latest Pharma 50 rankings bear this out.

Our one new entrant is South Africa's Aspen Pharmacare.

One of the clearest indicators of success is leadership in biologics and specialty drugs.

Biogen Idec has jumped to the 27th spot from 36th in 2010.

Gilead moves up to 18th in sales from 23rd in 2010.

Pfizer has ceded its top position for the first time since 2002.

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