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Drug Safety Experts Call For New Openness


July 23, 2010.

Drug safety experts are calling for more openness and sharing of data across the industry to cut the increase in the number of fatal medication errors. Traditionally, pharmacovigilance, medical information and regulatory departments have been considered very separate entities. But drug safety specialists 2health believe that pulling the three separate departments closer together could increase the chance of making products in the market place safer and ultimately cut fatal errors.

Sam Temple-Scotton, pharmacovigilance manager with 2health, said: "If systems can be implemented to increase the information flow and communication between these departments, the huge amount of data collected by companies could be used in a proactive manner. By companies taking this more holistic approach, it may be a small step to improving levels of patient safety in an already strained NHS. It could also provide a competitive edge to companies who take that initiative."

According to a 2009 report by the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) the number of fatal medication errors occurring in the NHS had almost doubled over the previous two years with at least 100 patients dying or suffering
serious harm each year.

Temple-Scotton added: "With company budgets reducing and the advent of initiatives in the NHS such as the purchasing for safety programme, it is more critical than ever that drug safety becomes a proactive activity."
For more information, contact Andy Barker at Results Network on 07855 352 303.