Mike Hollan

Mike Hollan is an Editor for Pharm Exec. He can be reached at mhollan@mjhlifesciences.com.


Assessing HCP-Visit Fallout: COVID’s Ultimate Impact on New Drug Entrants

Tracking the pandemic’s influence on brand awareness and prescribing efforts in light of decline in physician visits and fewer diagnoses—and what these dynamics, still unsettled post-pandemic, might mean for future launches.

Pharma’s Training Transformation: COVID Forces Compliance Revamp, Re-education

How one company in particular has adjusted its internal and customer-facing strategies in compliance training amid today’s heightened business-risk climate.

Milestones and Momentum: Assessing Advancements in Personalized Medicine

The road to precision medicine as a fixture in healthcare delivery is still a journey, but recent advances and new understandings in gene profiling, biomarker development, and AI and data analytics are steadily bringing these therapies closer to the individual patient every day.