Mike Hollan

Mike Hollan is an editor for Pharmaceutical Executive and can be reached at mhollan@mjhlifesciences.com.


Stars Aligned for Pricing Model? Value-Based Contracts May be Poised for Takeoff

As new forms of cell and gene therapies continue to be developed, life sciences companies and payers need to find alternative ways to pay for these expensive treatments. Value-based contracts, though slow to gain traction so far, may provide the solution these groups are looking for.

Business and Passion

Kimberly Moran, head of rare diseases in the US for UCB, started off working in medicine but quickly learned the importance of the business side of industry—and its role in helping improve the diagnosis and access paths for underserved patient segments.

Whole-Person Care: Are We Ready? The Intersection of Pharma and Digital Therapeutics

Senior leaders focused on the advancement of digital medicine and health meet to discuss the importance of these tools for life sciences companies, payers, and others in harnessing a healthcare future that will be increasingly dominated by holistic treatment and delivery.