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Essential Pharma Acquires Reminyl, a Cholinesterase Inhibitor to Treat Mild to Moderately Severe Dementia from Janssen Pharmaceutica NV


Acquisition includes rights to marketing in the European Economic Area, Thailand, South Korea, and other regions for oral treatment of mild to moderately severe dementia associated with Alzheimer disease.

Human head profile and jigsaw puzzle, cognitive psychology or psychotherapy concept, mental health, brain problem, personality disorder, vector line design, Created using generative AI tools. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Raymond Orton

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Raymond Orton

Essential Pharma announced that it has completed its acquisition of Reminyl, an oral cholinesterase inhibitor for mild to moderately severe dementia associated with Alzheimer disease. Originally owned by Janssen Pharmaceutica, part of Johnson & Johnson, Essential Pharma will be granted marketing rights for the drug in a considerable number of regions; however, this excludes the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, and Latin America. The company expects the acquisition to expand its presence throughout the globe, with an essence on the APAC region.1

“Our acquisition of rights to Reminyl in these markets will ensure Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers in those regions have continued access to this vital medicine. The acquisition represents a significant and synergistic addition to our concentrated portfolio of CNS products, further expanding our global presence and solidifying our position as a leading specialty pharma group,” said Emma Johnson, CEO, Essential Pharma, in a press release.

Earlier this month, Essential Pharma also acquired Renaissance Pharma, which included its lead asset Hu14.18K322A (Hu14.18), an immunotherapy in Phase II of development for the treatment of high-risk neuroblastoma. According to the company, this will be Essential’s first clinical development-stage asset. One of Hu14.18’s Phase II trials demonstrated three-year event-free survival of 73.7% and overall survival of 86.0%.2

“Our acquisition of Hu14.18, the group’s second product for treatment of a rare disease, and the first development-stage asset in our portfolio, is a significant milestone for Essential Pharma, demonstrating our commitment to enabling access to clinically differentiated medicines. Hu14.18 has enormous potential to help high risk neuroblastoma patients, the majority of whom are young children,” said Johnson, in a press release. “It has already produced positive data in Phase II clinical trials, demonstrating a significant improvement in survival, and we are now committed to developing this immunotherapy to be able to bring it to market and to patients as quickly as possible.”

In January, Essential Pharma acquired the European rights to Teva’s Colobreathe (colistimethate sodium), which manages chronic pulmonary infections due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PsA) in patients with cystic fibrosis aged 6 years and older. Under terms of the agreement, Essential Pharma also has rights to the treatment in the United Kingdom.3

“Our singular focus is on ensuring patients can maintain sustainable access to vital medicines. Colobreathe is an important treatment for a serious complication that arises frequently among cystic fibrosis patients. Our acquisition of the European rights to this medicine, which will become our first product indicated for treatment in a rare disease, will help ensure that cystic fibrosis patients in Europe have continued access,” said Johnson, in a press release.


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