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Medication Adherence: It’s a Big Problem


Brand Insights - Thought Leadership | Paid Program

The need to address persistent issues from non-adherence

Prescription medicines are known to be safe and effective when prescribed as indicated and taken as prescribed. As has been well documented, the factors contributing to poor medication adherence include cost, logistics, forgetfulness, patient concordance, and medication side effects. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these challenges result in approximately 50% of chronic illness patients not taking medications as prescribed.1 The US patient and financial impact is staggering; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cites 125,000 preventable deaths and $100 billion to 300 billion in preventable medical costs each year due to non-adherence.2

ActuateRx tackles the most persistent problems of patient medication adherence.

ActuateRx is a patient-centric, patient-consented trial medication and adherence program. It incorporates the best medication adherence tactics into one robust solution. ActuateRx begins in the ePrescribe workflow after the physician writes the prescription. This begins the patient journey with 30 days of free trial medication. The journey continues by implementing adherence tactics known to work. Ultimately, the patient’s ActuateRx experience culminates with the prescription being transferred to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. By engaging prescribers and patients with this next-generation service, ActuateRx can bend the medication adherence curve closer to the prescriber’s treatment plan.

SymmetryRx, the leader in drug sample demand generation for pharmaceutical manufacturers, is launching its next-generation patient trial medication and adherence services solution in Q4 2021. The solution, ActuateRx, is uniquely positioned to enable patient participation in all 50 states. As with its sample demand generation platforms, SymmetryRx has created utilities that benefit all manufacturers, are terrifically economical, and leverage existing contractual and physical infrastructure to accelerate market adoption. ActuateRx is in the pharma manufacturer contracting phase—now.

The program is designed end-to-end to help patients begin and successfully stay on therapy by leveraging technology, integrating services, and delivering proven adherence resources. SymmetryRx’s goal is to help patients remain on prescribed treatments so they can realize the full benefit of the medicine and lead healthier lives.

Together, we can remake the trial medication and adherence space in 12 months.

SymmetryRx’s eSample® platforms have a 20-year history of driving sample demand by creating industry utilities that economically increase pharma reach and leverages the strengths of market players. ActuateRx is the next-generation patient trial medication utility positioned to address and significantly impact patient adherence.

The industry needs a utility to support the myriad of medication adherence tactics that are known to work. ActuateRx is that industry utility. SymmetryRx takes a unique approach to the development and execution of its solutions. We design our solutions to leverage existing contractual and service infrastructure from existing providers. In this case, existing providers are authorized distributors of record (ADRs), program pharmacies, adherence vendors, and ePrescribe advertisers. This approach accelerates the development, contracting, and launch of our solutions.

We encourage medication adherence solution providers to explore opportunities to weave their solutions into ActuateRx.

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