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New EPFIA President Sets Out Vision of "Healthier Future for Europe"


At this week’s EFPIA conference in Brussels, newly appointed EFPIA President Stefan Oschmann, Chairman of the Executive Board & CEO of Merck KGaA, set out his vision to drive medical innovation in Europe. In his role of EFPIA President, Stefan Oschmann succeeds Joseph Jimenez, Chief Executive Officer of Novartis.   Speaking at the conference Mr. Oschmann said: “At EFPIA, we strongly believe in a Healthier Future for Europe, a future built on innovation, on access to new treatments and on outcomes-focused healthcare. To turn that future into reality, we aim at positioning Europe as a leader in clinical research and will address the challenges around antimicrobial resistance. In addition, we need to ensure that the intellectual property framework enables investment into research and development.”    New EFPIA Director General, Nathalie Moll, commented: “Harnessing the potential of health data to support outcomes-focused approaches, affords a real opportunity to focus resources on the things that really matter to patients. That is why I am delighted to announce, that over the next five years, EFPIA members are committing more than €12 million ($13.5m) to the European Health Data Network. This investment will support the collaborative standardisation of, and access to health data, unlocking data sets all over Europe that will drive research and shape more effective patient care.”