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New UK Partnership to Deliver Microbiome Multi-omics Datasets and Tools


Foundational partnership enables access to novel datasets and innovation workflows through Eagle Genomics’ knowledge discovery platform.

Eagle Genomics (Cambridge, UK) — a company applying network science to biology — and leaders in bioscience research the Earlham Institute (Norwich, UK) have announced a partnership focused on providing critical tools required to analyze, explore and exploit complex microbiome data. Applied across both academia and industry, the partnership will facilitate access to unique resources while accelerating data-driven collaboration.

Eagle Genomics’ partnership with the Earlham Institute will range from collaborative R&D to consultancy work and licensing, as well as deploying the hosting and networking capabilities of Eagle’s e[datascientist] platform, which applies network science to multi-dimensional life sciences data — including environmental and clinical metagenomes for multi-omics analysis. The partnership will also provide strategic insight as part of a steering group on new pipelines, and could include research into classification and genome reconstruction in complex environments; biological signaling network resources for human and model organisms; global patterns of antimicrobial resistance found in microbes; and investigation of the persistence and evolution of human associated microbes.