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Pharma Pulse 6/25/24: Accelerating Clinical Trial Activation, The Era of the AI Smartphone & more


The latest news for pharma industry insiders.

Accelerating Clinical Trial Activation

The activation of each clinical trial involves hundreds of tasks, along with many dependencies and handoffs, some of which may be automated, but many require manual processes.

Prime Therapeutics Launches Pharmacy Solution for Specialty Drugs

Nathan Downhour, Pharm.D., discusses the Pharmacy Match program, which will engage with physicians to make sure a specialty prescription gets to the best-fit pharmacy across a network powered by Free Market Health.

Welcome to the Era of the AI Smartphone

Apple and Google are getting up close and personal with user data to craft memos, summarize documents and generate images.

Novo Nordisk announces 4.1 billion USD investment to expand US manufacturing capacity adline

Novo Nordisk today announced plans to invest 4.1 billion US dollars (approx 27 billion Danish kroner) to build a second fill and finishing manufacturing facility in Clayton, North Carolina, and grow its ability to produce current and future injectable treatments for people with obesity and other serious chronic diseases.

Lowenstein Sandler LLP on LinkedIn

In a two-part video interview with Pharmaceutical Executive, Jim Shehan, Chair of Lowenstein’s FDA Regulatory practice, discusses the top legal and regulatory concerns for investors in GLP-1 drugs, emphasizing the importance of thorough research and caution in a crowded marketplace.

Watch part 1: https://bit.ly/45mQWeN
Watch part 2: https://bit.ly/4es9Hln

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Media Editor Miranda Schmalfuhs