Miranda Schmalfuhs

Miranda Schmalfuhs is the group social media editor of Pharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaceutical Commerce, and Applied Clinical Trials and can be reached at mschmalfuhs@mjhlifesciences.com.


Leadership in the US vs. Europe and Launching a Rare Disease Drug

In episode 121, Nathalie Dompé, co-CEO of Dompé Pharmaceuticals, shares a glimpse into her journey in the pharma industry, her leadership style, the differences in working in leadership in the United States vs. Europe (Italy, specifically), and technologies in the biopharma industry.

Sounds of Our Sister Brands

In episode 120, Nico Saraceno, editor of Pharmaceutical Commerce and host of the Pharmaceutical Commerce Podcast, and Andy Studna, associate editor and cohost of the Applied Clinical Trials Podcast, discuss what their respective podcasts offer to listeners, best guests, and more.

Making a Difference

In episode 119, Doina Ionescu, Managing Director, UK & ROI, at Merck, discusses her career journey, gender discrimination in the workplace, her role in the ABPI, and lessons she's taken from Queen Elizabeth II.

Derm Decisions For Younger Children

In episode 118, Paula Brown Stafford, CEO of Novan, discusses the company’s upcoming NDA filing for its topical agent for molluscum contagiosum, what commercialization could look like and her goals for the future.

From Persia To Precision Medicine

In episode 117, Helen Sabzevari, CEO of Precigen, discusses her drive to study science as a Persian-born woman, the opportunities she’s had to research immunology, and how she’s now developing next-generation CAR-T treatments for cancer, in addition to other therapies.