Tina Fascetti


Behind the Creative: Let’s Hear from the Creators

Join Tina Fascetti, CCO of The Agency Network at MJH Life Sciences for a podcast interview with Ryan Potter, ACD Art, and Priscila Ramos, ACD Copy, from McCann Health as they share the "behind the creative" story of their Apex Award-winning consumer creative campaign for Entresto. The Apex Awards is judged by none other than the people they are aimed to connect with, the patients themselves.

Behind the Creative…..Inspiring Award Winning Creative with Sarah McKinnon

Sarah McKinnon, Senior Art Director at The Grey Group, discusses her entrance into the advertising world through blending art and science in school, understanding the connection between human health and storytelling, her own experiences as a patient along with a healthy dose of grit and passion¾to inform her audiences and her career.

Behind the Creative…Inspiring Award Winning Creative Carolyn O’Neill

Carolyn O’Neill, Chief Creative Officer of Centron discusses their APEX-award winning global disease awareness campaign for both HCPs and patients, “Dimensionalizing the Patient Experience in PNH.” PNH or paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria is a rare immune disorder that attacks a person’s red blood cells. The campaign was meant to build on it is not an inherited disease and people’s symptoms don’t exhibit externally, usually appearing in mid-life and portray the feelings of a PNH sufferer.

Behind the Creative…Inspiring Award Winning Creative with Omair Ahmed

Nexus Pharmaceuticals' Chief Strategy Officer Omair Ahmed discusses their APEX-award winning EMERPHED™ campaign, which built on the ideas of simplification, safety and stability to enhance their hospital-delivered product and support their field sales reps.

Behind the Creative…Inspiring Award Winning Creative with John England

CDM Princeton’s Senior Creative Vice President John England discuss the company’s APEX-award winning Ilumya campaign “Defy the Laws of Psoriasis,” which used multiple innovative ideas including an AR focused in-person interactive piece, a upward scrolling website and more.