Mark Orchard


By Any Genes Necessary: The Role of MEAs for Gene Therapies

Examining why the cost and administration of these treatments are well suited to managed entry agreements—and which approach to MEA may prove to be the most commercially viable for manufacturers.

Stanton R. Mehr


Primary Care in Crisis: PCP Navigation in a Specialty World

COVID-19 may be the latest challenge to primary care physicians, but it’s just one of many threatening the profession, including the increased focus on specialty drug markets—if PCPs are left out of the equation.

Jayne Hornung


When Will Payers Improve Coverage of Prescription Digital Therapeutics?

New MMIT research highlights payers’ continued hesitancy toward PDTs. Here’s what manufacturers need to know.

Dr. Deepak Patil


Delivering Medical Affairs Value Through Omnichannel Orchestration

Learnings from a roundtable discussion with Medical Affairs leadership from 11 pharma companies

Markus Gershater


Labs and Computing Power: The Missing Link for a Revolution by 2030

A shift in mindset to the experiment itself could lead the way.

Dae Y. Lee, Esq.


The Consolidated Appropriations Act and PBM Transparency

New federal law introduces significant changes in the design of pharmacy benefit plans with aims to level the playing field between PBMs and their employee healthcare benefit plan clients.

Jerry Temko


It’s Time to Get Creative Hiring in a Post-Brexit European Life Sciences Market

Brexit and the pandemic continue to complicate flow of international talent.

Jen Nixon


ESG: Applying Lessons From Consumer Market

A prime opportunity for pharma to raise its strategic game in ESG.

Christian Pichardo


Accelerating Market Access with Data-Driven Payer Engagement

Using data visualizations to improve access to payers.

Anita Kawatra


AI-Powered De-Identification and Data Analysis

Anita Kawatra discusses advancing clinical and pharmaceutical progress while protecting patient privacy.

Lea Bucher


How a “Push and Pull” Approach Can Maximize Innovation Value through HTAs

How can companies adapt their single evidence package at launch into multiple, tailored versions for HTAs that vary across different countries and regions?

Cynthia Ingols, EdD


How GxP Leaders Can Assess and Approach a Company’s Quality Culture

Using the interview process to ensure high organizational standards.

Anita Moser


How AI Is Carving UCB’s Path to Better Patient Insights

A look at how UCB is utilizing dynamic targeting via AI to improve overall patient experience.

Tiffany Mura


Using Service Design to Drive Value, Speed & Quality in the Regulatory Review Process

Now regulatory review teams have found a way to accelerate their processes — processes not particularly suited to speed — without compromising quality, accuracy, or adherence to regulations, how can this pace be maintained as we emerge from the pandemic?

Spencer Morrison


Payers Believe Lowering Drug Prices While Improving Patient Access Is Possible—but There’s a Catch

Value-based price for access (VBPA) may increase access of specialty drugs for patients.

Scott Morano


The Truth About Telemedicine

Scott Morano explores some of the challenging questions brands will need to ask in light of an HCP switch to telemedicine.

Robert LaCaze


When Innovation Outpaces HTA, Access Struggles to Keep Up

Scientific advances are benefiting cancer patients, but it will take a pandemic-like response to ensure patients everywhere have access.

Marco Quarta


The Rise of Longevity Therapeutics

The field of longevity therapeutics — with the goal “of not just adding years to life but adding life to years” — is already disrupting the medical industry, writes Marco Quarta.

Rachel Seidman, Brand Insights Contributor, Vice President, Digital Innovation The Whyse


5 Digital Trends You Need to Adopt This Year to Remain Top of Mind

Ensure your tactical plan is up to the new, innovative standards that your audience expects from their digital experience with your brand.

Jeff Policastro


Changing the Paradigm in AI Implementation

How pharma companies can reduce the risk of failure with AI-based innovations.

Carolyn Zele


How Market Access Can Determine Commercial Success

Using market access data from day one of your drug development and commercialization journey puts your brand in the best position to succeed at launch.

Tim Sweeney


Military Veterans in Pharma: Serving to Improve Lives

Military veterans exemplify traits valuable to pharma industry.

Bo Qiu


Building Resiliency: Essential Leadership Principles for 2024

Embracing business imperatives such as operational efficiency and a focus on a patient-centric approach can help pharma leaders provide a stable foundation amid lingering uncertainty.

Kathy Lee


FDA Inspection and Enforcement Developments During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mitigating the risks of development, authorization, and marketing for new therapies following "new normal" created by COVID-related violations.

Crystal Aguh, MD


Janssen, Johns Hopkins Partner on Dermatology Ethnic Skin Program

Janssen, Johns Hopkins Dermatology’s Ethnic Skin Fellowship Program partnership focuses on improving clinical care and advancing research for skin-of-color patients.

Paul Gershlick


Cultivating UK Life Sciences Collaboration and Innovation

2021‘s Pharmaceutical Industry Network Group (PING) conference focused on the UK’s COVID-19 response and how it can continue as a leader in science innovation and collaboration, including opportunities through use of health and genomic data.

Lynn Russo, JD, PhD


IP and COVID-19

Disputes over mRNA-related patents are poised to persist.