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8 Biopharmaceutical Leaders Join Vineti to Promote Standards & Modern Patient ID for Advanced Therapies


A broad coalition of biopharma and technology leaders have announced a new strategic collaboration to promote new and updated standards for advanced therapies.

The new collaboration, which will work across the biopharmaceutical and technology sectors, seeks to enable the wider adoption of cell and gene therapies through standardized, automated processes that promote patient safety and control costs. It includes a wide range of advanced therapy innovators, including Achilles Therapeutics, Adaptimmune, Genentech Inc, Marker Therapeutics Inc., Novartis Pharma AG, PACT Pharma, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., and Tessa Therapeutics.

The collaboration’s work will begin with a proposal for a modern patient identifier for advanced therapies. This proposal is intended to provide ”an unprecedented level of trust, traceability, transparency, and patient safety for advanced therapeutics.”

The proposed patient ID structure is flexible, and can cover all types of advanced therapeutics, including autologous cell and gene therapies, allogeneic therapies, and cancer immunotherapies, such as personalized cancer vaccines. This digital “ID badge” enables reliability and patient safety by providing a clear link, end to end, between the patient and their treatment as it is being manufactured and shipped.

Current patient identifiers used for legacy cell-based treatments, such as stem cell transplants or bone marrow transplants, are based on standards that do not always cover all the use cases presented by today’s personalized therapeutics. The new proposed patient ID, developed by Vineti, is intended to provide a single identifier that enables patient safety and patient care end to end across the complex advanced therapy treatment process and is designed to meet the data and safety needs of the patients, hospitals and healthcare providers, and biopharmaceutical developers, across a broad range of personalized therapeutics.


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