Access Insights 2023: Bill Roth Discusses Top Trends Impacting Executives in 2023

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Bill Roth provides his thoughts on top trends impacting pharma's top executives.

In an interview with Nicholas Saraceno, Bill Roth, SVP, Managing Partner, Blue Fin Group, discusses top trends impacting executives in 2023 and what it will lead into for 2024.


Roth: I think what people are realizing is that they can't run their commercial strategies and silos anymore. They can't allow marketing to do their thing. It's the alignment of those functions that matter so much. That is actually harder than you'd think.

The base function of what I think our everyday roles are is that we align the groups. We help marketing understand what access means and vice versa. From there, they are trying to get their heads around PBMs, removal of the AmCap, the IRA, how you balance all of the discounts and fees, and try to drive utilization. There is no recipe that's out there.