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Ad Stars: Abelson-Taylor (Azor)


agency: AbelsonTaylor
brand: Azor
client: Daiichi Sankyo
photo from left: Melissa Bauer, account supervisor • Mark Wasserman, associate creative director, copy • Joanne Casey, senior copywriter • Natalie Sandstedt, account director • Brian Wheatley, associate creative director, art • Jane Betz, senior art director

With its striking use of color and powerful imagery, AbelsonTaylor's campaign for Azor visually captures its unique mechanism of action—two antihypertensive agents working together to lower blood pressure.

Using Douglas Fraser's retro-modern art style to capture the power and strength of the drug, AT created a unique branding style that carries through to the sales material and patient information.

Rather than focus on lowering blood pressure, the creative team concentrated on "cutting" hypertension, which they felt was a more aggressive sound bite for the Azor sales reps.

The strength of the artwork stands up to the power message. But AT also gets a vote for accuracy: The section of the sphyg that the two workers are sawing is actually the point at which blood pressure is supposed to be.

"It is no secret that the hypertension market is very crowded," says AT's Natalie Sandstedt. "We needed something that was going to stand out and pop, and I think the imagery working on the red background helps solve that problem."

Azor debuted in the market in October, along with this launch ad. According to AT, the journal ads tested very well with physicians and received total buy-in from sales reps.


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