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Ad Stars: BBDO (Cypher)


agency: BBDO
brand: Cypher
client: Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson company Agency team names withheld at client's request

A drug-eluding stent isn't something that's typically considered "patient's choice," so it seems counterintuitive to create consumer print ads to promote them. But to the surprise of industry watchers, that's just what BBDO did. Check out the agency's eye-catching campaign for Johnson & Johnson's Cypher stent, launched as full-page spreads in magazines and newspapers beginning in October 2007.

The spots feature people engaging in everyday physical activities, from jogging to playing with children. They also show the actual size of a stent and offer risk-and-benefit information. We like these ads because they educate consumers in an area where most say they don't need to be educated—and that's just nonsense. "It's up to the doctor to determine what's best for the patient, but we wanted to make sure the information was out there," said Cordis' Carol Goodrich, director of corporate communications. "It really is all about physician and patient interaction and conversation about coronary-artery disease."


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