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Ad Stars: Concentric (Betaseron)


agency: Concentric Pharma Advertising
brand: Betaseron
client: Bayer
photo from left: Michael Rowe, executive director of marketing, therapeutics business unit, Bayer • Ken Begasse, Jr., chief operating officer • Michael Sanzen, chief creative officer • Aimee Eastwood, associate creative director, copy • (Not pictured: Sayan Ray, creative director, art)

How do you revive a brand that hasn't captured market share since 1995? If you're Concentric, you blow it up through key insights into the latest clinical data and create what amounts to an explosive campaign.

Of course, it helps that clinical opinion has come to support early-stage treatment of multiple sclerosis patients with high-dose, high-frequency products—a key selling point of Betaseron. And Concentric knew what Bayer needed to do to capitalize on the changing treatment trends.

"Our challenge was to take these new studies and all this great data and make the physician take notice that the drug is now relevant," explains Concentric's Ken Begasse, Jr.

Concentric wanted to remind physicians that MS does damage from the start and make them notice Betaseron's efficacy in early-stage MS.

This led Concentric to create an iconic image of an orange axon (nerve fiber) lit up like a brightly burning fuse. Against the dark-blue background, the axon fuse is a visual trigger of the damage—and pain—MS patient experience and reminds physicians about the importance of immediate treatment. With the tagline "Not a Moment to Lose," Bayer created a quick, effective catchphrase. Docs recalled the efficacy message, which reps trained up on using the interactive video game sales tool called Rep Race.


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