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Ad Stars: Juice Pharma (Gardasil)


agency: Juice Pharma Advertising
brand: Gardasil
client: Merck
photo from left: Adam Kline, VP, associate creative director • Debra Strober, group copy supervisor • Stacie Cavallaro, VP, account supervisor • Forrest King, EVP, managing partner, executive creative director • Annie Foster, group art supervisor

Some drugs are so desperately needed, that when they're introduced, it's like a shot heard round the world. Such was the case with Merck's cancer vaccine, Gardasil. But how does one craft a professional marketing campaign that communicates the product's promise—something that doctors everywhere can relate to?

Juice Pharma Advertising managed to pull off the global effort, taking care to strike an appropriate emotional note that transcended culture and succeeded in addressing the need to vaccinate young girls to prevent them from cancer-causing sexually transmitted diseases.

"We have one brand personality that is carried throughout the whole world," says Adam Kline of Juice. "You have this cohesion so that all the markets can relate to it."

Juice executed an upbeat, visually dynamic campaign, relying on a striking color palette and illustrative style to communicate information about Gardasil. In doing so, Juice managed to match the brand's great expectations with an equally strong delivery.


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