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ArisGlobal Announces Second Life Sciences Generative AI Council Session


The meeting is scheduled for May in Switzerland.



The life sciences industry is getting serious about AI.

ArisGlobal announced that it will be holding the second meeting of the Life Sciences Generative AI Council.1 The group is made up of leaders in the life sciences industry and AI experts and specialists. Together, they will discuss the best ways that new technologies can be incorporated into R&D.

The inaugural meeting took place in the US this past February. The second session is scheduled for May 15 in Neuchatel, Switzerland. This session will include members of companies from across the globe, along with representatives from Microsoft and OMNY Health, who serve as the group’s key technology and data partners.

In a press release, Aman Wasan, CEO of ArisGlobal, said, "After an incredible first session in the USA, this first European assembly of the Life Sciences GenAI Council will go deeper into practical applications of GenAI. Our team and our Council members are invigorated to continue open dialogue on the challenges, approaches, and maturity related to the adoption of GenAI and LLM features. Partnering with top global pharmaceutical companies and the best AI technologists to rapidly deploy new solutions that transform critical business operations in life sciences, is deeply meaningful work for all of us at ArisGlobal."

The Switzerland session will focus on topics including the use of generative AI to solve issues in case processing and regulatory affairs, discussion of recently launched AI platforms, the responsible use of AI in regards to data and security.

In February, prior to the first session, ArisGlobal’s VP of data and analytics Elizabeth Smalley said in a press release,2 “GenAI and the use of Large Language Models to transform the interrogation and exploitation of diverse knowledge bases, offers enormous potential to disrupt Life Sciences R&D processes in a very positive way - to the direct benefit of patients as well as the wider healthcare ecosystem. The challenge is to apply this potential in specific, trailblazing ways that drive results and show the world what's possible."

Smalley continued, “GenAI technology is advancing at an incredible pace, and it's this immense scope that the new Life Sciences Generative AI Council will now look to maximize and drive forward. Life Sciences leaders will need to proactively adopt and steer the application of these technologies to harness their considerable benefits while upholding a commitment to patient-centricity, regulatory compliance, and responsible AI standards, and the Council's mission is to enable and ensure all of that."

ArisGlobal is no stranger to AI technologies. In March, the company announced that it had launched several products powered by AI that were focused on safety and regulatory offerings.3 These included Advanced Intake, a platform that uses generative AI to input adverse event intake; the Lifesphere Regulatory platform, which uses AI to automate uses cases for regulatory processes; and a real-world data subscription service within its LifeSphere Safety platform.

In a press release issued at the time, Wasan said, “Bringing cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI to life as part of the LifeSphere R&D ecosystem is a strategic objective for ArisGlobal. Digital process transformation is vital for companies bringing ambitious, novel treatments and therapies to market efficiently. We're harnessing advanced technology, hand in hand with insights from comprehensive Real-World Data, to transform drug discovery and development. Today's announcements mark the latest moves toward this goal, and we are just getting started."


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