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Bayer UK Chief Calls for Britain to Stay in European Union


August 24, 2015.

  While the economic consequences of a British exit from the European Union "might … even be positive", Dr Alexander Moscho, Chief Executive of Bayer UK and Ireland, said today that "[w]ithout the single market, Britain would be diminished in its attractiveness to worldwide investors'. And "not being integrated with 500 million other Europeans would see Britain’s weight in the world wither'.    Writing in The Telegraph, Moscho said what matters to him, running Germany's Bayer in the UK and Ireland, "is the ability to provide innovative products locally at competitive price levels … as well as being able to offer European/global job opportunities to British talents and vice versa. This is much easier within a European Union".   Moscho admits to being disappointed "that the relationship between Britain and Europe is framed as one gigantic balance sheet, where the protagonists obsess over economic liabilities and assets, and lose sight of our unique achievement in making Europe a reality". However, he writes, "Britain needs Europe, to increase prosperity and secure [its] priorities as a nation by, for example, safeguarding the City as an outstanding financial centre, and maintaining the UK economy as a competitive and creative world-leader".

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