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Benchmarks and NC ONEcare Partner in North Carolina


The two organizations will work together to advocate for better health outcomes for children and families in North Carolina.



Two of North Carolina’s key healthcare organizations are partnering up.

Benchmarks and NC ONEcare announced a strategic alliance with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes for children and families across the state. In a press release,1 NC ONEcare stated that it believes that partnership will make the organizations leaders in the following areas: population health improvement, analytics, training, system of care management, and advocacy.

The partners also stated that their focus is on elevating access, quality, and equity in healthcare.

Benchmarks plans to focus on legislative and policy advocacy for children and families. The company is a non-profit organization with a focus on advocating for quality and accountability among human service providers. NC ONEcare is an LLC that represents over 30 behavioral health, primary care, and child service organizations in North Carolina. It will focus on using its network to assist Benchmarks in its goals.

The goal is the create a healthcare ecosystem in North Carolina that the two organizations describe as having no wrong door, meaning that families are always able to obtain the care and services they need.

In a press release, Benchmarks president and CEO Karen Mcleod said, “Today marks a critical step towards our goal of ensuring that every child is afforded a healthy and supportive environment to thrive. Our collaboration with NC ONEcare will empower child service providers to collaborate seamlessly with hospitals, primary care, and social service organizations, all while producing better outcomes for the families they serve."

In the same press release, NC ONEcare chair Pegg Terhune also said, “I am delighted to see these two organizations partnering. The impact will result in improved integrated care for our most vulnerable citizens. The focus on health care access, quality, and equity by using analytics will demonstrate improved population health outcomes. This brings the vision of the state to the provider level and will raise up all providers with quality outcomes that members of various plans can expect."

Terhune is also president and CEO of Monarch and a member of Benchmarks.

According to the announcement, the partnership will utilize Alera Health’s Care Optimization Suite for support purposes.


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