Call for "Multi-Pronged Approach" to Fight Zika Virus

Published on: 

February 16, 2016.

The growing threat of the Zika virus must be addressed using a multi-pronged approach, says consulting firm GlobalData.

The firm's analayst for infectious diseases, Mirco Junker, Ph.D., commented: “The first step in fighting the Zika virus is to address the vector responsible for its transferral to humans – mosquitoes. Achievable actions, such as eliminating shallow standing water, using insecticides, and implementing next-generation genetic or microbiological approaches, would all contribute to the reduction of Zika vector populations."

The development of a reliable and cost-effective method to detect Zika infections is also of "paramount importance", said Junker. But while a vaccine offering strong and durable protection against Zika would be an effective long-term solution, the analyst warned that "this could take years to become a reality" as "the current lack of scientific data on [the virus] presents a major barrier".