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Cardinal Health Releases Oncology Report on Precision Medicine


Pharmaceutical Executive

New research was presented from Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions in its third edition of Oncology Insights, a research-based report. The report summarizes the views of over 160 U.S. oncologists on the potential of precision medicine to transform cancer treatment.

Some of the key findings in the report include:

  • More than a third of respondents say precision medicine will have a significant impact on oncology care within two to three years, while 57% say they believe it will have moderate impact.

  • Oncologists see several barriers to adoption including cost of the drugs (51%); cost of genomic testing (25%) and lack of decision support tools (14%). Also, 76% say more financial aid and reimbursement support is needed for patients.

  • About two-thirds of participating oncologists said they use genomic testing to identify the best treatment options for cancer patients, with another 23% saying they are likely to begin using it in the year ahead.

  • Availability of genomic testing and turnaround times for results vary greatly. Fifty-eight percent report that testing is not available at their local institution and 36% say they wait 15 days or longer for results. 

  • Nearly six in 10 participating oncologists cited challenges in interpreting results of genomic tests. These responses reflect additional obstacles the industry may need to address when bringing new precision medicines to market.

 Request a copy of the Oncology Insights report at www.cardinalhealth.com/oncologyinsights.


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