CellCentric Receives $25M Investment from Pfizer

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Funding to support development of company’s oral p300/CBP inhibitor.

CellCentric, a UK-based biotechnology company, have officially announced a major investment from Pfizer, with $25 million allocated to help finance further development of inobrodib, its p300/CBP inhibitor to treat specific types of cancer. As part of the deal, Pfizer will support CellCentric with its own clinical development program in multiple myeloma (MM) for 2024, alongside ongoing trials in specific haematological malignancies.


Cementing the collaboration further, Astrid Ruefli-Brasse, VP, Tumour biology, Pfizer worldwide research & development, will join CellCentric’s scientific advisory board and Sriram Krishnaswami, VP, development head, multiple myeloma, Pfizer global product Development, will serve as an advisor to CellCentric.

“We are delighted to partner with Pfizer to facilitate planning an optimal route to market for inobrodib. This agreement will enable us to build on the strong early clinical data observed to date in RRMM patients” said Will West, CEO, co-founder, CellCentric. “We look forward to making inobrodib available to a broader population of patients, particularly those who are underserved by existing therapies.”

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