Chile Beats US and UK for Public Confidence in Healthcare Systems

Published on: 

June 16, 2016.

More than half (59%) of Chileans believe they have the best healthcare system in the world, beating second placed UK, where only 1 in 4 Brits (26%) are very confident in their National Health Service, according to a global study by Future Thinking.

The Future of Global Healthcare study was carried out in 23 countries across five continents and found that overall, Chile was the only country where more than half of respondents were very confident with their healthcare system. The league of top 10 countries where people are very confident in their healthcare system include:


  • Chile (59%)

  • UK (26%)

  • France (24%)

  • Austria (23%), Finland (23%)

  • US (21%)

  • Germany (20%)

  • Canada (19%)

  • Spain (18%)

  • Turkey (17%), China (17%)

Further findings from the research will be presented at the EphMRA (European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association) conference in Frankfurt, Germany (June 21-23), by Future Thinking’s head of pharma, Beatrice Chemla.