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CipherHealth Announces Medication Affordability & Adherence Program


The program is designed to tackle issues related to the high cost of prescription medication.



As the high cost of medicine continues to be an issue for patients, some companies are using new technologies to try to reduce prices.

CipherHealth announced the Medication Affordability & Adherence Program, which it says will increase patient access to medication. In a press release,1 the company stated that this is its latest move to utilize digital healthcare to reach patients.

In a press release, Prisma Health’s executive vice president and chief clinical officer Dr. Jonathan Gleason said, “Addressing medication affordability is crucial to driving down the cost of healthcare and improving outcomes. CipherHealth's program provides an innovative solution to a major barrier that prevents many patients from adhering to their prescribed treatment plans."

In the same press release, Community Health Network’s executive president and chief transformation officer Dr. Patrick McGill said, “We are committed to exploring new ways to enhance the patient experience and make quality care more accessible. Initiatives like this have great potential to positively impact both medication adherence and overall population health."

According to CipherHealth, 67% of patients don’t get prescriptions filled due to costs, which results in about 100,000 preventable deaths each year. The company’s new program tackles this issue by using its digital platform to connect patients with a variety of savings programs. According to CipherHealth, each patient using the program can get a personalized experience tailored specifically to their needs.

CiperHealth CEO Jake Pyles said in a press release, “Prescription drug prices in the US are higher than in any other industrialized nation in the world. Many patients, despite having health insurance, are still unable to afford their medications. With this new program, CipherHealth is able to help reduce these medical costs and give patients the medication they need at a price they can afford."

Last October, CipherHealth announced that it was collaborating with Google Cloud in order to further integrate AI technologies to platforms designed to improve hospital operations and patient care. In a press release issued at the time,2 the company announced that was using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform to make these innovations.

In a press release, Pyles said, “Hospital leaders are trying to find new ways to maximize efficiency, support overworked staff, and create positive, healthy outcomes and experiences for patients. We are committed to developing the industry's best self-service and automated tools to simplify tasks for staff, while providing personalized care for patients across the continuum. This investment in Google Cloud's industry-leading AI platform serves as a catalyst to propel us—and the leading health systems we serve—into an AI-driven future."

In the same press release, CipherHealth’s senior vice president of product Suzie Sfarra said, “Through this doubling down on AI innovation, we're getting closer to our goal of realizing a future where human-centric healthcare combines with cutting-edge technology and data-driven intelligence to reshape the healthcare experience. We plan to address some of the biggest engagement challenges facing hospitals and healthcare systems. We will leverage predictive models to anticipate patient needs and efficiently prioritize patients for rounding, utilize machine learning to target populations at risk by intelligently learning and implementing the best outreach strategies, and optimize interactions everywhere along the care continuum to improve patient outcomes, staff satisfaction, and revenue generation."


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