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Cityblock Health Announces Further Partnerships with Centene Corporation to Bring Value-Based Healthcare to Florida


Cityblock is partnering with Sunshine Health in Florida.



Cityblock is a value-based healthcare provider for adult Medicaid beneficiaries. Over the past several months, it has been partnering with local healthcare plan providers to improve access to care across the country.

Most recently, the company announced that it had partnered with Sunshine Health in Florida. This partnership will provide patients in the state with access to services like virtual meetings with care teams, in home services, and local clinic services.

In a press release, Cityblock co-founder and CEO Dr. Toyin Ajayi said, “Cityblock has seen incredible growth over the past few years, growing our operations in both our existing and new states. We are pleased to launch in a new market with a strong Florida leader like Sunshine Health and to expand our national partnership with Centene.”

In the same press release, Sunshine Health president and CEO Nathan Landsbaum said, “The heart of what we do at Sunshine Health is offer quality, accessible health care to Floridians with a focus on whole-person health. We are excited to partner with Cityblock to further diversify the ways we provide care to our members, engaging them in the modes they most prefer, to ultimately improve health outcomes."

Sunshine Health is a subsidiary of the Centene Corporation, who has partnered with Cityblock in two other states: New York and Ohio.

In February, the companies announced their partnership in New York.2 In this case, Cityblock partnered with Centene Corporation’s subsidiary Fidelis Care. The partnership improved access to care for patients living in New York City and Long Island.

In a press release issued at the time, Fidelis Care chief medical officer Vincent Marchello, MD, said, “Fidelis Care is excited to partner with Cityblock to ensure our members receive personalized, quality care at the time and place they need it. By eliminating the barriers to healthcare, Cityblock and Fidelis Care will help improve the lives of our members."

In the same press release, Cityblock’s chief health officer Dr. Kameron Matthews said, “We firmly believe that it is not only possible, but necessary, to drive better health outcomes for marginalized and underserved populations. We are honored to partner with Fidelis Care, which shares this vision for innovation and value-based care. Our work together is more important than ever to close any gaps in care to those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and economic changes over the last few years."

In January of this year, Cityblock announced that it had partnered with Buckeye Health in Ohio.3 As is the case with Florida and New York, Buckeye Health is a subsidiary of the Centene Corporation.

In a press release, Buckeye chief medical officer Dr. Brad Lucas said, “Buckeye's approach supports whole-person health. We are pleased to partner with Cityblock to further address physical, behavioral, environmental and social factors that can be barriers to early intervention and ongoing care."

In the same press release, Matthews also said, “It's been exciting to see the growth and innovation in Ohio's Medicaid program over the past year, and we're thrilled to work with Buckeye Health Plan to make high-quality healthcare more equitable and accessible for marginalized and underserved communities. We share Buckeye's commitment to improve health outcomes through a value-based approach to whole-person care."


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