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Docs choose Pfizer as most respected company


Pharmaceutical Representative

Pfizer replaced Merck as the pharmaceutical company most respected by physicians, according to Scott-Levin.

Pfizer replaced Merck as the pharmaceutical company most respected by physicians, according to a new strategic study by Scott-Levin, Newtown, PA.

Good research and development, credibility, educational orientation, sensitivity to pricing concerns and orientation to patient information were strengths that physicians judged superior in Pfizer.

"Firms with a strong research and development reputation tend to perform better in overall company rankings," noted Joy Scott, CEO of Scott-Levin. "Pfizer's high position can also be attributed to strong sales and marketing and innovative new products."

Recent drug launches, such as Viagra, Lipitor and Aricept, boosted Pfizer's ranking, according to Scott-Levin.

Pfizer was ranked first by nurse practitioners, physician assistants and HMO medical directors as well. However, pharmacists, pharmacy drug chain executives, drug wholesalers, hospital buying groups and nursing home pharmacy consultants rated Merck as the most respected company. Novartis was voted most respected by pharmacy benefit management executives and HMO pharmacy directors.

Broken down among physician specialty groups, other pharmaceutical companies fared slightly better. Although general practitioners and internists stood by Pfizer, OB/GYNs rated Johnson & Johnson most respected, pediatricians cast their votes for Abbott Laboratories and psychiatrists gave the nod to Eli Lilly.

In 1996, when Scott-Levin last surveyed health care professionals about corporations and respect, Merck was ranked first by physicians. Scott-Levin has surveyed physicians on their preferences biennially since 1992. PR

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