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Domino Data Lab Announces Computing Coalition to Combat Data Silos in Clinical Research


The Statistical Computing Environment Coalition aims to improve data flow and gets drugs approved more quickly.



Domino Data Lab announced that it is launching a new Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) Coalition, which should help reduce clinical research silos and accelerate approval of new medicines.1 Domino is a prominent AI-platform company and hopes to use the technology to improve the flow of data in the life sciences industry.

According to Domino, modern research development requires modern technological advances, such as cloud-based architecture and built in governance. The new coalition is aimed at promoting these advancements.

In a press release, Domino Data Lab CEO and co-founder Nick Elprin said, “We're incredibly proud to help our customers bring new life-saving therapies to market faster. And we're honored to be a part of the SCE Coalition, helping to accelerate innovation across the industry broadly."

Domino has made a name for itself in the technology sector. In February of this year, the company announced that it had been named a 2023 Technology Awards Winner by Dresner Advisory Services.2

In a press release issued at the time, Domino’s SCP of product Chris Lauren said, “We are honored by the recognition of Dresner's Technology Innovation Awards in AI, Data Science, ML, and ModelOps. I'm deeply proud of our commitment to responsible AI, delivering transformative capabilities to enable our customers to successfully deliver incredibly impactful predictive and generative AI projects. This recognition fuels our passion, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing the remarkable AI innovation strides our customers will make."

In the same press release, Dresner’s founder and chief research officer Howard Dresner said, “In the ever-expanding realm of technological innovation, AI, data science, and machine learning form a continued transformative trending area of interest. Beyond capturing attention, these disciplines are becoming indispensable for recommendation engines, predictive analytics, and data-driven decision-making. The strategic imperative of ModelOps underscores the critical need to efficiently operationalize ML models. We congratulate Domino on their placement as a recognized leader in the 2023 research."

Domino has also utilized its AI platform outside of the pharma industry. In January of this year, the company announced that it had joined the Atlantic Council’s Commission on Software-Designed Warfare.3 The council strategizes ways that the United States can use new technologies, such as AI, for defensive capabilities in war time scenarios.

In a press release issued at the time, Domino’s president of public sector Joel Meyer said, “To ensure the U.S. maintains its global leadership in today's technology-driven security environment, the DoD must modernize its approach to acquiring and leveraging digital capabilities. I'm honored to assist the Atlantic Council's critical work to enable the DoD to leverage responsible AI-driven capabilities for data-driven decisions at the speed of battle, and support our long-term national security."

Stephen Rodriguez is the commission director and senior advisor at the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security and its Forward Defense Program. In the same press release, he said, “Cutting-edge technology companies like Domino are crucial to closing the yawning gap in current capabilities for advancing national defense. The expertise that Joel Meyer brings from his prior senior national security and technology roles will help cement the Commission's ability to drive change that supports American and allied security."


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