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Eisai Forms New Digital Business Organization


Theoria Technologies founded to build dementia ecosystem.

creative idea.Concept of idea and innovation / Creative idea for memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer's disease and mental health concept. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Urupong

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Urupong

Eisai Co, Ltd. revealed in a press release the establishment of Theoria Technologies, aiming to accelerate the development of a dementia ecosystem. Through collaborations with multiple industries, the new subsidiary will work to ease the burdens of people with dementia and their families. According to the company, it will strengthen the hiring and training of digital talent under an organizational structure optimized for digital business and will utilize clinical study data that Eisai has accumulated over many years as well as cohort study data, personal health records (PHRs), and other data to develop various prediction algorithms, create digital solutions, and provide data.

Eisai remarked that it hopes to create a society where patients living with dementia will be able to live their lives the way that they prefer.

Reference: EISAI ESTABLISHES THEORIA TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD., A NEW DIGITAL BUSINESS COMPANY TO BUILD A DEMENTIA ECOSYSTEM. Eisai. September 12, 2023. Accessed September 12, 2023. https://www.eisai.com/news/2023/news202356.html

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