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Eli Lilly Chief Financial Officer is Stepping Down


Anat Ashkenazi will leave the company at the end of July to pursue a career outside of pharma.



Eli Lilly and Company announced that Anat Ashkenazi has decided to step down as chief financial officer.1 She will continue to serve in the role through July 2024, at which point she will pursue a career path outside of the pharmaceutical industry.

In a press release, Lilly’s chair and CEO David A. Ricks said, “On behalf of our board of directors, leadership team and employees, I would like to thank Anat for her 23 years of outstanding service to our company. During her last three years as Lilly's CFO, we have experienced tremendous growth and laid the groundwork to help us reach even more patients with our medicines. I want to personally thank Anat for her partnership, friendship, and leadership of our financial organization and to wish her well in her new role."

According to its press release, Lilly has not yet found a replacement for the role.

This is just the latest change to Lilly’s leadership team. The company also recently announced that Melissa Seymour will be the company’s new executive vice president of Global Quality and a member of the executive committee.2 Seymour is replacing Johna Norton, who recently retired.

In a press release, Ricks said, “As we expand global capacity to meet demand and support pipeline growth, we remain committed to ensuring our medicines are produced to the highest quality standards. With more than 25 years of experience and a proven track record of leading strategic quality initiatives across product lifecycles, Melissa will further advance our culture of quality, which has been integral to our success in bringing innovative medicines to people around the world."

Ricks also spoke highly of Seymour’s predecessor, saying, “Johna Norton's positive impact extends to the millions of people who depend on our medicines every day. We are grateful for her years of excellent service and contributions, which will continue to benefit Lilly after her retirement."

In the same press release, Seymour said, “I am excited to contribute to Lilly's exceptional quality culture, where patient health and safety remain at the forefront of our operations. With the rapid expansion and promising pipeline at Lilly, maintaining high standards of quality is paramount and I am thrilled to play a role in shaping the company's future."

Also, in May, the company announced the retirement of Alonzo Weems, who served as executive vice president of enterprise risk management and chief ethics and compliance officer.3 Weems will retire at the end of 2024 after working for the company for 27 years.

In a press release issued at the time, Ricks said, “Throughout his distinguished career, Alonzo has been a steadfast advocate for our company, providing strategic guidance to our global product development teams and major geographies worldwide. His collaborative approach with leaders has helped us achieve strong business performance while ensuring we uphold our values. As our chief ethics and compliance officer, Alonzo has championed the enhancement of our digital and data analytics capabilities and fortified our ethics program. His commitment to winning with integrity will leave a lasting legacy, and we thank him for his many years of service."


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