FDA Approves Boston Scientific’s Deep Brain Stimulation Software

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Company aims to utilize technology for efficient Parkinson’s treatment.

Boston Scientific Corporation has announced the FDA approval of its Vercise™ Neural Navigator 5 Software. According to the company, when this software is used as part of the Vercise Genus™ Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) systems, it will offer clinicians the data for programming in the treatment of people living with Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor.


"Developing meaningful tools to help physicians provide personalized treatments for their patients delivers on our promise to advance our technologies for people living with neurological conditions,” said Jim Cassidy, president, neuromodulation, Boston Scientific, in a company press release. “Providing effective DBS therapy is complex and can be time-consuming. This software will help streamline the process and allow for more doctor-patient interaction time."

Reference: Boston Scientific Receives FDA Approval for the Next Innovation in Image Guided Programming Software for Deep Brain Stimulation. Boston Scientific. July 11, 2023. Accessed July 18, 2023. https://news.bostonscientific.com/Boston-Scientific-Receives-FDA-ApprovNext-Innovation-Image-Guided-Programming-Software-Deep-Brain-Stimulation