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Generics Focussupplement to European Pharmaceutical Executive


Generics supplement, September 2006. List of proposed content.

Proposed contents


European Overview
A European country-by-country analysis of the generics market place.

Key Issues

Legal and intellectual property issues
What are the main types of intellectual property rights and how are they being interpreted and implemented - and what effect are they having - in this fast-growing market?

Biogenerics: Exploring the EU Market
Europe is ahead of the US and Japan in terms of guidance for biogenerics, and thus has the competitive advantage. However, legislation in the EU is still in its infancy. An overview of what the next few years hold for generics companies and multinationals in the European biopharm sector, how the political environment will shape the market, and the economic implications for companies looking to invest in this area.

Pricing strategies: an EU perspective
An overview of the pricing legislation surrounding systems for generic medicines in the EU and the resulting market implications; what does interventionist legislation mean for the big pharma and the generics marketer?

Generics Growth Strategies

Generics growth strategies: a case study
A look at how a top generics company - Kendle/Ranbaxy/TEVA - aims to capitalize on its foothold in the market over the next five years.

Strategic options for mid-size generics companies
What can mid-sized companies do to keep up with the major generics companies in an increasingly aggressive market?

Optimizing marketing strategies for generic medicines
Forecasting and competing in the generics market; long-term market planning; preparing for an effective launch.

Pharma Defense Strategies

Evergreening and patent linkage
How pharma is rising to meet the generics challenge by rethinking IP and patent issues. How ‘evergreening’ (that is, adding patents to the patent list after a generic company had filed for approval of a given drug in order to delay the entry of generic drugs) and patent linkage are making headway in big pharmas fight against the ‘generics threat’.

Defensive marketing
Exploring pharma companies strategies for moving from prescription to OTC sales and making a final ‘marketing push’ before patent expiry.

If you cant beat ‘em...
Increasingly, major pharma companies are looking to enter the generics market themselves. This article looks at the progress of one company and at the strategic course it has taken to gain a foothold in a ‘rival’ market.


The generics market: the next 10 years
Although the huge growth rate of the generics market is set to continue until 2007, what will happen after that? The imminent dearth of blockbusters and the mobilization of big pharma companies taking a more aggressive approach to maintaining their market share will have major implications for generics players.

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