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Health In Tech Announces New Partnerships to Expand Health Insurance Options for Employers in Southern Ohio


The company announced that it has partnered with Adena Health and The Ohio State University Health Plan Solutions.



Digital health insurance platforms are becoming a common way for carriers to reduce the cost of insurance plans.1

Health In Tech announced that it has partnered with Adena Health and The Ohio State University Health Plan Solutions to use one of these platforms to provide employers in southern Ohio with affordable healthcare plans. Health In Tech describes itself as a insurance/technology company that delivers disruptive innovation for self-funded healthcare plans.

In a press release, Health In Tech’s chief growth officer Glenn Hillyer said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Adena Health and OSU Health Plan Solutions to offer these innovative level-funded health plans. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing employers with cost-effective health solutions that manage risks and deliver significant savings. Together, we are transforming the healthcare landscape in Ohio, making quality care more accessible and affordable for all."

In the same press release, Adena Health’s chief financial officer said, “Adena Health has a long-standing commitment to ensuring access to comprehensive health care in the communities we serve. That commitment is evident through partnerships like the High-Performance Health Network, which will provide employers and their employees a cost-effective option for streamlined access and continuity of care from primary to advanced specialty care.”

This is Health In Tech’s latest collaboration to disrupt the employer health insurance market. In September of 2023, the company announced that it had partnered with Tall Tree Administrators.2 At the time, the two companies explained that Health In Tech’s eDIYBS quoting platform would be combined with Tall Tree’s nationwide network.

In a press release issued at the time, Health In Tech’s CEO Tim Johnson said, “Tall Tree Administrators has an excellent track record of administering and seamlessly integrating traditional and non-traditional health plan solutions. By leveraging Tall Tree's non-traditional administration expertise, customized reporting capabilities, and integration with the Health In Tech eDIYBS platform, we can provide brokers affiliated with Health In Tech an enhanced ability to fine-tune their product offerings. This ensures competitive benefits at cost-effective rates. Our collaboration to integrate their program designs with the recognized service and savings of 6 Degrees broadens our reach into new markets, further reinforcing our steadfast commitment to offering comprehensive health coverage solutions to our clientele."

In the same press release, Tall Tree Administrators principal Mark Selman said, “We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Health In Tech, a true innovator in the insurtech industry. Our collaboration brings cutting-edge health insurance options to small businesses and extends our commitment to delivering top-notch administrative solutions. Together, we're empowering brokers and employers alike to navigate the complexities of healthcare while providing comprehensive, customizable coverage solutions."

Also, in May 2023, Health In Tech announced that it had partnered with Health Direct Partners, a carrier of alternative networks.3

In a press release, Johnson said, “The Health Direct Partners partnership empowers our allies in the self-funded space to access the strongest custom networks for their needs–transforming them into active players of their plans. This alliance, not only makes self-funding transparent and accessible for small businesses by delivering cost and time-saving solutions, but also reinforces our commitment to disrupting the non-transparent $3.5 trillion healthcare industry with innovation that removes friction and complexities with vertical integration, process simplification, automation, and digitalization."


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