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Impel NeuroPharma and Veeva Collaborate on Market Preparation for Migraine Treatment


FDA accepted Impel’s new drug application (NDA) for TRUDHESA last month.

Impel NeuroPharma (Seattle, WA) and Veeva Systems have announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on pre-launch preparations for Impel’s migraine treatment INP104 which, if approved by FDA, will be marketed under the trade name TRUDHESA. TRUDHESA utilizes Impel’s proprietary Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD) technology to deliver treatment directly to the vascular-rich upper nasal space. Traditional nasal delivery systems, such as pumps or sprays, deliver medicine to the lower nasal cavity which can result in variability in efficacy because of unpredictable delivery and variable absorption into the bloodstream.

To accelerate its market preparation, Impel will adopt Veeva’s suite of commercial applications for in-person and digital engagement with physicians, for longitudinal patient data to segment right patients groups, and to design and implement customer-centric strategies to enable sales reps to increase the value of their targeted interactions.

“In January we were pleased that FDA accepted for review Impel’s new drug application (NDA) for TRUDHESA. Given this milestone, this is the perfect time for us to enter this strategic collaboration, as Veeva is a proven technology leader and the ideal partner to help us meet our aggressive commercial timelines,” said Adrian Adams, chairman and chief executive officer, Impel NeuroPharma. “We look forward to Veeva’s support and expertise to help us ensure an efficient, digital-first, and compliant approach to commercialization subject, of course, to approval by the FDA later this year.”

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