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Inspiring BOLD Ideas in Pharma


BOLDpharma is an initiative launched earlier this year by digital agency Anthill, together with key industry figures, to address the lack of confidence the industry has sometimes shown, and which makes it hard to launch "big ideas that create real change". The initiative is designed "to be the thought provocation that our industry needs, and to inspire and build a community of like-minded individuals to encourage innovation in pharma – confident, challenging, bold-thinking people who will drive the industry’s development in the years to come", says the agency.

One of the initial calls to action is the BOLD Survey, which has just been launched to uncover precisely what is holding people back. Initial results highlight the great potential for the industry to work in new ways – but there needs to be action. 89% of respondents believed that their organization is not fully-utilizing the technology at their disposal and less than 20% believed that an innovative initiative would be supported within their organization.

"This movement has the potential to drastically improve the state of healthcare. There’s strength in numbers and the BOLD movement has already begun highlighting that the numbers are on the side of pro-active change," says Anthill.

To be part of the BOLDpharma initiative, follow this link to take part in the survey and receive a personal profile in relation to some key BOLD metrics. Further information can be found on Twitter, @BOLDpharma and the BOLDPharma website.

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