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IQVIA Releases Report on Utilization of Key Health Services as States Reopen


The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science has released a new report which features a Reopening Readiness Index (RPI). It presents five criteria for easing restrictions in the United States and generates an aggregate readiness score based on progress in each category. The result is a consistent way to assess current readiness and to track progress – or regression – over time.

Thirteen states reach an aggregate score of 90 or more against an index level of 100 points; New York, Rhode Island, and New Jersey are the only states to meet or exceed that score, due in large part to high levels of testing and low current reproduction rates.

To compliment the RPI, IQVIA has also released a Health Services Utilization Index (HSUI), which measures the utilization of five key health services - including doctor visits, elective procedures and new prescriptions – as a signal of revival for the health system.

The HSUI shows must states are utilizing these key health services half as much as they did prior to COVID-19. This suggests that many patients are still facing delayed or deferred medical treatments. The revival of the health system is critical to ensuring all Americans receive treatments and/or prescriptions they need.

For the detailed IQVIA Reopening Readiness Index, click here.

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