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Lene Oddershede Discusses Upcoming Projects from the Novo Nordisk Foundation


In an interview with Pharm Exec Associate Editor Don Tracy, Lene Oddershede, SVP, Natural & Technical Sciences, Novo Nordisk Foundation offers a synopsis of upcoming projects from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

PE: Are there any other projects in the work from the Novo Nordisk Foundation that you would like to speak about?

Oddershede: We have a collaboration, which is just beginning with the Cleveland Clinic. The purpose of this collaboration is to translate quantum technologies into clinical use. It goes really well in line with what we've been talking about. This collaboration will likely take the format of a fellowship program, where fellows can be exchanged between the Cleveland Clinic and relevant Danish research institutions with a purpose of translating quantum technologies into real clinical practice. So there is always the challenge that those who are experts in quantum technologies, they usually have a background in physics or engineering. And of course, those who are experts in the clinical space have different backgrounds. They're medical doctors or they're experts in cardiovascular disease. It's a big challenge to make these two groups communicate. And likewise, to have those in the clinical space, see the potential of the quantum technologies. So you can see that the two don't exert a push for the technologies, and the clinical experts, they exert a pool for the applications. You need to have those to meet. That's difficult because have different languages. So there's a vocabulary problem, you can say in communicating. Also, there might be a problem in agreeing on what the important questions to address are. So, that is actually a challenge in its own. This is where the collaboration in the quantum sensing center involves both the quantum experts and medical doctors. So therefore, it's really important that they communicate. But we are in the process of developing the collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic, and that has the same purpose.

We just announced a collaboration with Invidia to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence. That's also important for what we're talking about here because AI is important in the toolbox of understanding treatment of cardiovascular disease.

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