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Leveraging Lessons from Commercialization and Distribution of Rare Products for Cell and Gene Therapy


In an interview with Pharm Exec Associate Editor Don Tracy, Melissa Lattanzi, VP, Emerging Therapies, Cencora discusses ways that cell and gene therapy developers can follow examples from the commercialization and distribution of orphan drugs.

PE: Can you leverage lessons from the commercialization and distribution of rare products and apply to CGT?

Lattanzi: Most of the cell and gene therapies are rare and orphan products. Cencora has a long history in the specialty and rare and orphan space. 76% of our specialty distribution drugs actually have orphan drug designation. As we’ve built, our cell and gene offerings leveraged some of the experience from that specialty and rare and orphan space. You do have to make some adjustments because there are, as I mentioned earlier, some very unique needs for cell and gene. But there are also a lot of similarities. I know even as we develop new services and solutions or new operating procedures, we’re saying all the time this is actually not just good for cell and gene, but this is actually useful for other rare and orphan products as well.

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